Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup healthy snacks

For all the Football fans, here are some ideas of healthy snacks to enjoy while watching your favourite match :) (by Steve Halsall, Fitness and lifestyle Guru)

Pop Corn

Popping your own popcorn is easier than you may think. By doing it yourself it will be fresh and you can control the amount of salt and sugar you put in.
Popcorn is full of energy, high in fibre and has lots of iron, vitamin B and plenty of protein in it aswell. Go easy though and don't eat a portion the size of a small suitcase.

Corn chips and dips

Like popcorn, corn chips have similar nutritional values because they are both corn. Obviously, they are processed and should be eaten in mo
deration. Tortilla chips are put through a process called, 'Nixtamalization'. This process increases their nutritional content and gives them that unique flavour.

Dip them in some hummus, which is a fantastic source of protein, B6 and fibre. Or try crushing up an avocado, which has lots of good fats in it with finely chopped tomatoes. Together with corn chips they make the perfect all round telly snack.

Dipped Food in Dark Chocolate

Now, I don't want any comments about me throwing chocolate into the mix. It is well documented that dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids in moderation has many health benefits. Studies suggest that eating a little dark chocolate can help reduce blood pressure. PERFECT for an exciting game.

Melt some dark chocolate in a bowl on some hot water. Then dip in some strawberries and pineapple pieces. Pop them onto a tray with grease proof paper on it and put in the fridge at the start of the game. By half time you wont care what score it is.


Nuts are rich in the right fats, protein, minerals and vitamins. Here's the catch, don't eat salted or dry roasted or nuts that are covered.

One last thing, if you are snacking watching the footie on telly, make sure your main meals reflect this and keep the portion sizes small.

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