Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Toothbrush bracelets

Valentine's Day is approaching!. In my opinion, Love should be celebrated every single day of the year ;) but if you are thinking about giving a little something to your loved ones, why not trying these toothbrush bracelets?. You could do the shaping and your little ones the decorative part. They look really cool and it is an excellent gift idea ;)

What you'll need:
-Old toothbrush
-Tweezers or pliers
-Large mug
-Oven gloves

How to make it:
-Remove all the bristles from the toothbrush with tweezers or pliers.
-Boil water.
-Keep water boiling, put toothbrush in water for five minutes.
-Remove toothbrush with tongs, bend to desired shape.
-If toothbrush doesn't bend enough, submerge again in water.
-Remove brush and bend as much as possible.
-Place bent toothbrush in bottom of mug to hold it's shape while it cools.
-Pour cold water in mug and remove your new bracelet.

This craft requires fishing the hot toothbrushes out of boiling water and bending them while they are still hot. Be sure to use a simple toothbrush for this, it seems the fancier, and more high tech the toothbrush the stronger, and more difficult to bend. We had luck with the classic REACH toothbrushes.

Monday, 29 November 2010

DIY - Green Christmas Ideas.

Here are a few lovely ideas for Christmas (all made of recycled material and just gorgeous!).

We made the magazine Christmas Tree (by Re-nest), super simple and beautiful. Other ideas are: Christmas ornaments (by Design sponge), and a couple of Christmas wreaths (by Bon Temps Beignet and Stephanie Lynn), just click on the pictures to be re-directed to their page.

It's a rocket thing

As my soon is very in the "rocket" mood lately, I thought it was a good idea to dig in the recycle bag and take out some empty bottles to make one. I love making toys using recycled material, as it is fun, is boost your child's creativity and if they break after a quite excessive play, it won't hurt your pocket ;)

For this project we used empty plastic bottles in different sizes, empty toilet paper rolls, loads of masking tape (or any strong tape you may have around), silver painting, stickers, glue, markers and a plastic bag for the fire (you can also use red and yellow cellophane if you like). Enjoy!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas time - getting inspired!

Getting in the mood for Christmas? The weather is definitely helping in some places, no doubt about that, but maybe you can also get inspired by these pictures, which are my favourite picks of the week. Enjoy!

Christmas Crafts - Tree wall decoration

Christmas is approaching!! so this is the perfect time to start making some nice crafts with your little ones. I found this very cute project which I hope you like, so go on and give it a try!

Ps: Why not using recycled material as much as you can, or even paper with different patterns/colours? ...let your imagination do the trick ;)

(source: bloesem kids)

Friday, 22 October 2010

Jack-O lanterns carving

Ok, our Halloween bags are ready (see previous post), now it is time to make our very own Jack-O lantern!. These lanterns are very simple to make and totally fun, plus, your little one(s) will love to help ;). The good thing about making Jack-O lanterns with "real" pumpkins is that they will become 100% organic waste (go green!), plus, you can save the seeds and plant them with your children, or use them for crafts decoration.

Find here very well explained instructions to make your own Halloween Jack-O lantern. For ideas and patterns visit this link (or a personal selection here)

Below are some pictures of our lantern, have a great time making yours!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Green Halloween Crafts

October is here and Halloween is coming very soon! we made this lovely Halloween bags a couple of days ago, only using old cardboard, paper boxes, newspaper, straws, glue, painting and a lot of excitement!. My little one had loads of fun making it and he was very proud with the results. This is also a lovely way to encourage them to make things by themselves and to keep on re-using material, for a greener world ;)

Below you will find some pictures of our Halloween bags, and also some lovely pictures for some inspiration, enjoy! ;)